aw snap

stop hogging up my server, punks! Raban' is for the strawng and sexeh

on another note. im so freaking stoked man! Dexter and Berserk new seasons to look forward to!!!! how can my life get any better?

anyways, i dedicate this entry to you Jas. dont tell raiko, but you're my fav cat. its not easy to pull of sexiness with such a hairy and smelly race, but somehow you pull it off. ya!

i've been trying to find an excuse to go to Ft Lauderdale for the longest time. im in need of a roti, despite the fact that i lost like 200 lbs, i found out that roti is actually pretty freaking healthy and good for you. even more so than subways lol. tell your husband that us 3 should go to Joy's over on Sunrise and 441! the one by Lauderhill mall 


i was just starting to enjoy my RL social life.

how do you balance work/fitness/school/girls/etc and FF for you guys? i need some tips!

oh btw@ helpme and all my other friends who try to contact me through msn~  ill try to reply way more often now that im home a lot more now! i need to catch up on some music stuffz!


Disclaimer: i didnt like this entry at all. i posted this on jan 17, but never made it official. well. i hate having my last entry being about salvage duping, so i just did this anyways.

im too lazy to fix my mistakes, so deal with it ;x

here it is, after almost 4 months lol

its been about a year huh? ok well lets see...

i came back to FFXI...

no really. i did. here's proof

see? i even got 10 merits already! took me 45 min to get get 0->10 merits too. bettah reco'nize! 

im looking back at older entries, and im thinking about some of my past things i did in the game. i know its such a typical thing to say but the best times in this game really werent involved in looking at a treasure pool or casting utsu on a mob as the only tank when everyone is counting on you. but just the everyday shit i used to do.

so i decided to flood you guys with pics of stuff i did everyday. but i wanted you all to see it from my point of view. im not gonna post REALLY funny logs or anything like that. im sure you all have seen most of em lol, but a lot of em are kinda rated-R for REALLY embarrassing on my part! haha :D  but ill share it with you all as my thank you for checking up on me, even a year later since i was lolbannzed!

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Collapse )Why no crazy SS's? well, i do have plenty of humorous SS's followed of pics of me taking laughable dmg from whatever mob you can think of. but i dont want to post stuff like that. i dont want people to remember me from being like that, or posting stuff flexing the peen all the time.

i wanted you guys to see the kind of stuff i used to do everyday. this is how my typical day would look, and unfortunately not everyone admits in LS chat about wanting to poop on a girls chest for me to take a SS of. at least in my LS. if thats a normal occurrence for anyone else, than holy shit lol. SS away and share them! but i just wanted you guys to get a taste of my world before i left it.

besides, im pretty sure my gear is gimp now lol. all that stuff is from a year ago <_>;

As for the people i used to do stuff with everyday. i miss you guys a lot that it almost hurts. when im running down the street or just hanging with other civilians doing the whole RL thing, i keep wishing i had someone to share my crazy and wacky stories with. from girls swallowing bugs to old white ladies saying "congratulations on obama young man!" even though i didnt vote for him haha. i miss Tirgen's daughter coming on vent and telling me "keell teeyamat alweady richewwd" and most of all, i miss the environment of ventrillo and having you guys to play with. it almost felt like i was in a room with you guys sharing all my excitement with you all and having a blast. its a great escape from the real world and its even better because we dont have to smoke something or inject whatever to get that way.

this game has kept me out of trouble for 4 years and i dont regret a thing. i would do it again and more if i could. im glad i did it right the 1st time. i was never out for items like a lot of other people were and im glad i kept my integrity till the end. i hope you all can respect me for who i was as i did to you.

Mr. Sparkle

Superman to the rescue~
I actually moved a month ago from my old house to an apartment right near the beach in the Mizner park Boca Raton area. Its really close to my job which is a cool thing, and FFXI has taken a bit of a slow curve for me. But not in a bad way. Everyone is getting their shit done, and i feel like im just getting started. For one thing, i got a new job to add to the list: (Credit goes to Kamicat for inspiration on chibi pics in general! )

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There are times where i totally forget i have a LJ, and that... people actually read it. I guess its the people reading it that shocks me the most.

I also need to check on other people's blogs as well, because i havent done so in a minute... but in the mean time, here are some pics to entertain you guys with

photoshop of the week (thanks DloT for the crack file):Collapse )

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UPDATE- 02/25/08
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